• Oat Bakery (map)
  • 5 West Haley Street
  • Santa Barbara, CA, 93101
  • United States

During the Farmers Market on Saturday we offer our largest bake of the week that is open to the public, located at our bakery 5 West Haley St.

 If you haven't come to our Saturday Bread Market, we highly suggest coming early, as we only bake a limited supply of each bread.  We usually sell out by 1pm-2pm or so.

If you have a favorite bread (Gluten free available, please specify) or spread, you can reserve bread by emailing us or messaging on instagram.com/oat_bakery or Louise@oatbakery.com

Our Menu changes depending on season:



Pumpkin Seed

Danish Rye loaf

Gluten Free Superseed Loaf

Spelt Sourdough Baguette